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A distressed young man consults a psychologist – a therapist that uses a simple exercise to uncover his path to the edge of death. As we travel through his mind back in time, we find the signs that led him there – and led him out.

About the film

Length: 5 minutes

Trevor, a young man who road his depression to its end, found himself halted at the place he arrived and haunted by the years seemingly lost. And now here, at the mercy of a peculiar therapist, he seeks insight on what drove him to the edge of himself through all that time.

The time inside Trevor’s mind is both forceful and intentional, narrated keenly by a therapist that seems to peer perfectly into the cycles of his past.

This film was created for the Aperture’s “Light This Location” challenge – a lighting competition to see what creators could do under constraints. The parameters: Shoot in only one location/room, include the word “accent”, create a floor plan of your lights, and produce a behind-the-scenes video.

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