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An Audio Journal | Vol. 1


“Times are changing. And so am I. An invitation is extended to you – to take a peek inside my audio journal, which marks a 3-year metamorphosis… in all its shapes and colors.”

Rogue Robin (Travis Mitchell)

About the audio journal

Length: 13 Volumes

This audio journal is a collection of songs written from a distant hill – a hill overlooking the world – and the experiences of a changed and changing man.

Rogue Robin is experiencing the many colors of life, surveyed from a unique and bold perspective, all while experimenting with the many colors of music. These experiences and experiments merge here, to shed a vulnerable light on a real man searching for real purpose. Perhaps, the tones and words in this journal reflect and call to a generation far bigger than himself.

With thirteen volumes, each one features a particular style (rap, singer-songwriter, alternative, etc.) and theme. And as each song was written and recorded spontaneously over time, so will each volume will be released: spontaneously and over time.

Talk of the Times


Track List

Volume 1 | all that presh.

  1. all that presh.
  2. light worth chasing.
  3. in step.
  4. brave.

Volume 2 | heart > head.

  1. Am I At Fault?
  2. Healing
  3. Chosen
  4. Time to Take a Breath

Volume 3 | miss america.

  1. Am I On My Own?
  2. You Write the Lays (Change the Standard)
  3. How Many Times I Gotta Tell You?
  4. Your Choice

Volume 4 | understanding.

  1. Who Do You Say I Am?
  2. Mamma, Won’t You Please
  3. I Need You

Volume 5 | lead me thru.

  1. Up For Anything
  2. Swallow the Waves
  3. You Can’t Miss the Shore
  4. Steady, Steady

Volume 6 | say it straight.

  1. Daydreamin (White Boy Cut)
  2. Told Ya You Could Fly
  3. I Remember
  4. Honest Tuesdays

Volume 7 | sky eyes grand.

  1. Silhouette
  2. Will I Get Back?
  3. Kilter
  4. Let It Fall

Volume 8 | without a home.

  1. Lay My Burdens Down
  2. Shading in the Grey
  3. Take a Seat at the Table
  4. Maybe If I Hurt

Volume 9 | invisible + infinite.

  1. Timeless
  2. Job of One
  3. Eyes Wide Open
  4. Stage Manager

Volume 10 | prisons.

  1. Little Off the Top
  2. You Find Me (Muck + Mire)
  3. The Great Oasis
  4. Dare I Say It Again

Volume 11 | love, real love.

  1. Smallest Bird
  2. Other Half’s Awake
  3. A Rose & Its Dreamer
  4. Soulfire

Volume 12 | resurrection.

  1. Lazarus
  2. Take Over Everything
  3. Break From My Lungs
  4. Broadway

Volume 13 | now’s the time.

  1. It’s Time
  2. Whatcha Scareda
  3. Fortune Teller & The Spelling Bee
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