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Travel through the eyes and ears of an ordinary bystander, as you unfold a 24-hour court case. Eight vignettes follow eight people on the same day in the same town, both isolating and interweaving their stories together. This experimental film explores a radical view of empathy through unseen stories of death, depression, disability, trauma, rejection, and more.

About the film

Length: 1 hour 18 minutes

Take a unique opportunity to see eight different stranger’s stories unfold – all on the same day, in the same town, through the eyes of an unexpected bystander.

This experimental film is wrapped in the bookends of a courtroom case. But who is the victim? Who is the judge? And who forms this jury? These questions (and many more) arise as you open up the vignettes inside. Twenty-five riddles have been written to help reveal the layers of meanings and messages scattered throughout.

This film was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 6s. To immersively view this film as intended – as a first-person portal into a new world – we recommend watching on mobile with headphones. We created a mobile app that you can save to your homescreen and see all additional and BTS content.

You can take “The Riddles” quiz to test your own analysis of the film! You’ll receive the riddles and your answers back via email, with an option to have the director respond personally to your open-ended “bonus” answers at the end.

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