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A modern memoir of a millennial.


A new school and a fresh start – Jess is seizing the moment and taking the reins. But these new beginnings soon welcome new pressures, and those pressures pull and press her to the brink. Her diary is now opened, for the first time – it chronicles her emotional journey through processings, poetry, paintings, and songs.

About the film

Length: 1 hour 47 minutes

It’s when you set out with the hope of starting fresh – hope is high, the air is clear, and it seems like your whole life is ahead of you… Jess tasted those moments, but now that hope is met with pressure. She finds a way to cope, but it only births more pressures.

She has her questions. She needs her answers.

Peer into the diary she kept along the journey. Watch and listen through the eyes of another – an older brother that’s seeking answers of his own.

An Ode, An Anthem


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