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"Follow me around, follow me around..."


Looking for a way out. Being honest about the mental battles of a pressure-ridden mind. Choosing to begin the journey out and onward. Yet, realizing the answers are outside the reach of any desperate grasp.

About the music video

Length: 9 minutes 27 seconds

This music video depicts the colors and frames of view within a mind that’s riddled with unceasing pressure.

On the surface, this pressure may seem to come from one’s surrounding circumstances, the coping mechanisms we choose to deal with those circumstances, or the remedies other’s propose that still seem to fall short. But there’s a deeper pressure, here. One that renders us helpless and at the mercy of another.

Shot by Travis Mitchell and Andrew Boyd Allen, featuring Abby Riddlesberger as the portrayed subject in the film.

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"You just told me your entire story."