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// What We Create

Each project holds more than meets the eye.

They’re reaching beyond your entertainment, reaching for your heart, and aiming for your inner intangible spaces.

We hope they touch, change, even transform you in the receiving – just as they transformed us in their conceiving.

Travis B. Mitchell | Lead Creative

An creative art house

We combine creative mediums to create art that seeks to stretch beyond entertainment.

Each piece is birthed from the heart, and for the heart – riding the wings of creativity – aiming directly for the intangible inner spaces.

Every project, in every phase, comes from a place of being deeply moved; we share them here, that you too will perhaps share in such experience.

Saying what we see…

Even still, the light that’s carried through these projects houses more than personal expression. Darkness surely roams the land.

But, “A light – no matter how far – can be seen in a sea of infinite darkness.”

Truth, love, and light have a place at this table. And we’ll see them inhabit every project – all our medias – at every cost, that the light may shine bright.

Travis B. Mitchell | Lead Creative